Steam Generator Irons Are Far Superior To Traditional Irons

Not every household is going to benefit from purchasing a steam generator iron. However, if you have a large group of people living with you and the amount of clothing that needs to be ironed seems endless, it may be worth it to take the plunge. On the other hand, if you rarely iron or seem to be traveling a lot, a standard iron is more than enough for your needs.

A steam generator iron can help you cut the time you spend ironing in half, and allow you to produce virtually wrinkle- free clothing. If you’re ever jealous of the beautiful clean clothes you get from a dry cleaner, then a steam generator iron could be a worthy investment. These irons are packed with innovative technology and provide a number of functions that you will never see on standard irons.

More Space In The Tank

One of the reasons that a steam generator iron is superior to a traditional iron is simply tank capacity. You can pour twice as much water into a steam iron, therefore, cutting down the amount of time you need to spend filling up the tank. However, it’s worth noting that a steam iron will take a bit longer to heat up, but that’s a small price to pay for cutting down on time spent ironing.

Professional Quality Results

Not everyone can afford to have their clothes dry-cleaned on a regular basis, but that shouldn’t mean that your clothes are dirty or wrinkled. A steam generator iron can help you achieve professional quality results by using an extra amount of steam. The steam comes from a separate boiler and provides a powerful surge of steam. Since the pressure in these irons is quite high, it can easily penetrate the fabric deeper, providing wrinkle-free results.

Vertical Ironing Made Possible

If you’re tired of having to haul out an ironing board all of the time or your curtains just need to be smoothed out, a steam generator iron can do it all. Clothes can be left vertically hanging on a hanger, and the steam iron can provide enough steam to smooth out even the toughest of wrinkles. This vertical steaming method can also be utilized for drapery as it allows you to leave curtains hanging on a rod and avoid the messy act of taking them down.

Safety Comes First

Steam generator irons are safe to use for the average person, and most will come with an auto shut-off feature. This feature is beneficial in case you leave your iron unattended, and it will also prevent any potential accidents from taking place. When shopping for your iron, make sure that this feature is prominently advertised, as not all irons may come with auto shut-off.

A Worthy Investment

At the end of the day, steam generator irons are a worthy investment and you will get plenty of use for your money. Those that have purchased steam irons have found that it made their lives easier and ironing less cumbersome. Though you will have to pay a bit more to purchase this type of an iron, you get more usage for your money and can save on energy costs by ironing less. You should check out some online reviews for top ironing options.

When not in use, these irons are easy to tuck away, and though the job they perform is massive, their size sure isn’t! If you’re ready to embrace the act of ironing and want to spend less time doing it, be sure to opt for a steam iron. Years from now, you’ll be glad that you took the plunge!

3 Main Features Of A Steam Generator Iron

Whether you are purchasing one of the very popular Phillips steam generator Irons, or one of the high-end Rowentamodels that so many people love, you might wonder what the reason is for their desire to use these state-of-the-art irons, specifically what features have motivated them to make this purchase. Most people understand that they are easier to use, lighter, and can outperform any iron that was made several years ago. State-of-the-art technology, along with a much better design, has made it possible for these particular irons to be sold that much higher volumes because they actually make ironing clothing and curtains not a chore. Here are the three main features of the steam generator iron, things that will motivate you to try them out.

Top Three Features

The first feature that will motivate anyone to purchase these products is the fact that they heat up so quickly. Not too long ago, it would take five minutes or more to heat up and iron, and that was only with the more expensive models, but with these steam generator Irons, it can be done in about two minutes. This will save you quite a bit of time and frustration, and once you have gotten used to how fast this feature actually works, you will wonder why you ever stuck with the old-style irons because of how quickly they can heat up. The second feature that people enjoy when using these newfangled irons is the number of holes that are on the soleplate. Usually totaling about 400, this makes it very easy to glide over the clothing, upholstery or curtains, allowing the steam to quickly take out the wrinkles. The final feature is probably the best of them all. It is very light, and due to the way it is constructed with a constant connection to water to generate steam, you can actually do hanging garments or drapes without having to put them on an ironing board. This feature alone is worth every dime that you will pay for these higher and models, saving you incredible amounts of time.

These are just a few of the top features that people enjoy with these new steam generator Irons. They also have other features including a comfortable grip handle, a precision tip which can actually help you get hard-to-reach spots, and many more. Just try one out, see if it is for you, and in no time at all, you should be able to start using your iron to take care of jobs that you used to dread which will now be very easy to do.